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Nutrition is a vital component of your dog's life. 
Many big box stores carry foods that are heavily advertised, but lack quality ingredients. 
Ringer's Pet Dog Training stocks a wide array of quality pet foods.  The nutritional benefits of these diets far surpasses the pet foods found at department or grocery stores. 
If your pet exhibits any of the following, the more than likely have a food allergy:
  • Licking of their paws
  • Ear infections
  • General bad odor
  • Scratching
  • Diarrhea / constipation

Ringer's is proud to carry brands that use the highest quality protein, and do not contain wheat or corn. Our foods contain many different protein sources, so we are sure to have something that works for your pet, and your wallet! 

Acana dog food is one of our best sellers. It comes in a variety of flavors featuring different protein sources, such as:
  •  Duck & Bartlett Pear
  •  Pork & Butternut Squash
  •  Lamb & Okanagan Apple
  •  Meadowlands - Chicken, fish
  •  Wild Atlantic - 

    Orijen was voted the #1 dog food, several years in a row.

  •         Original - chicken, turkey, walleye and herring  80% meat and 20% fruits / veggies
  •         Six Fish - salmon, flounder, walleye, pike, whitefish and herring 80%   20%
  •         Regional Red - angus beef, wild boar, lamb and bison    75%   25%
  •         Tundra - goat, venison, mutton, bison, arctic char, rabbit and duck    80%   20%
  •          Puppy and Large Breed Puppy

For more information on Acana or Orijen dog foods, Click Here

Nutrisource Grain-Free:
  •      Chicken
  •      Lamb
  •      Seafood
  •      Pheasant
  •      Beef and trout
  •      Wild boar and turkey
PureVita selections:
  •      Chicken and Brown Rice
    •      Duck and Oatmeal
    •      Salmon and Potato
    •      Grain-Free Turkey
    •      Grain -Free Salmon
    •      Grain-Free Beef
For more information on PureVita or Nutrisource Dog or Cat foods   Click Here

Earthborn, including:
  • Primitive Natural - Turkey, chicken, whitefish
  • Great Plains - Bison & lamb
  • Coastal Catch - Herring, salmon, whitefish
  • Meadow Feast - Lamb
For more information on Earthborn, Click Here

                                  Ringer's carries all of the Fromm 4-star flavors:
Chicken A La Veg                    GF Beef Fritata
Duck and Sweet Potato           GF Game Bird 
Pork and Applesauce              GF Pork and Peas
Salmon A La Veg                     GF Salmon Tunalini
Whitefish and Potato               GF Surf & Turf
                                                          and also Gold Adult
For more information on Fromm,  Click Here

          Prairie Recipes:
            Chicken and Brown Rice
            Lamb and Oatmeal
Grain-Free Instinct Recipes:                                Limited Ingredient Recipes:
     Chicken meal            Beef meal                            Duck                      Lamb
     Duck & Turkey           Rabbit                                 Turkey                
For more information on Nature's Variety, Click Here

 Petcurean's  Go Natural and Grain-Free NOW
       Go Natural:
              chicken        chicken grain-free              duck 
              lamb             salmon                   
        LID flavors:
               duck                salmon                venison

               turkey             small breed         salmon  

We also carry the following brands in Dehydrated or Freeze Dried:
     Grandma Lucy Freeze Dried
     Honest Kitchen Dehydrated
     Primal Freeze Dried
     Natures Variety Freeze Dried
     Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried

Our Raw Diets Include:
     Vital Essentials -available in patties, mini-patties and nibblets.
     Nature's Variety Instinct - patties, medallions, or bites
     Primal -Primal is offered in patty form
     Stella & Chewy's 
Flavors include: beef, chicken, bison, venison, rabbit, sardine, lamb & turkey. Please feel free to ask us which would be best for your pet! 
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